About Us

Francesca has been reading tarots for nearly 30 years.  Her readings rely on  intuition, making a connection with the querent,  and her experience and love of the  beautiful tarot she has had the pleasure to work with, no gypsy earings or silver palm crossing... Francesca has read Tarot for a number of friends and colleagues,  the union of both parties, through meditation has  brought  clarity to situations and predictions of  many future positive outcomes.  


If you need  help to clear your mind, 'think-straight' or spend some time pondering an issue, take a reading with Francesca and find a peaceful interlude where you are able to focus and use the powerful imagery of Tarot cards to help find a solution.


Are you wondering whether to take the promotion at work or decide to work for yourself?

Is your partner 'the one?'

Should you move house and go with your gut feelings?

Have you and your partner been thinking about starting a family?

Or is  'the wheel of fortune' turning your way?


Consult the Tarot with Francesca and find out whether you are on the right path and if not, find out how to change negative energy to find the real you, find your GODDESS


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